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A luxury yacht charter allows you to explore a variety of destinations while offering you all the comforts


Enjoy the Life and Escape to Your New Lifestyle on the Water!


Our company is the world's premier, luxury yacht charter company which specializes in providing the finest luxury yachts to destinations throughout the world.


Whether you are interested in a luxury motor yacht, racing or classic sailing yacht charter, a superyacht charter or a mega yacht charter, we are able to find the perfect solution to guarantee you an unforgettable yacht charter experience.


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By championing excellence in service, ethics, and sustainability, our company is respected by owners, crew, buyers, charterers, yacht builders, and industry professionals. Continually exceeding the expectations of clients and upholding our values of honesty and transparency are the core qualities that make us distinct.

Offering a Wide Selection of Luxury Motor & Sailing Yachts


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Because you want a one-of-a-kind vacation, we provide an array of charter options in some of the world’s greatest coastal regions. Whether it’s sailing on your own, powerboating, or hiring an optional skipper, you’re sure to experience your most unforgettable moments on the water with us

This area boasts some of the most famous, spectacular landscapes in the world, including the idyllic Bora Bora beaches for romantics.

Tamul is the biggest waterfall of San Luis Potosi with 105 meters height. Is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

The list of iconic Caribbean yacht charter destinations is virtually endless: visit the Leeward Islands with their luscious rainforests, Havana and more.

World Rally 2017-19

Explore some of the most beautiful regions of the world. Make your dreams come true and join the World Rally 2017-19.


Sea With no Restraints

We operate in an industry devoted to delivering the highest levels of luxury. We facilitate rare and extraordinary experiences, and we manage a broad portfolio of immensely valuable yachts, superyachts, and megayachts. To achieve consistent excellence at this echelon takes a special kind of company with exceptional people.










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There are many great ways to spend days is on the water. On the water, there are many recreational activities that one can choose from; such as fishing, swimming, tubing, wakeboarding…

New York State has now implemented a program that will now permit you to have your NYS Boating & PWC Safety Certificate marked on your driver’s license or another identification document.

It is important to have a Ditch Bag when boating offshore. This bag should be easily accessible and ready to take with you overboard or in an emergency. A rescue might take more than a couple of minutes.

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