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The Caribbean islands have been shaped by nature and history. Each and every island is different in this place where British, French, Dutch and Spanish speaking islands merge into a tropical melting pot.

The Lesser Antilles look from space like a necklace of pearls dropped into the ocean. Palm-fringed tropical islands and sandy reefs plunge into emerald waters. Visual surprise is natural in the Caribbean; it comes with the landscape, the perfect weather, and the happy people. Welcome to the paradise!

Historic towns, crystal-clear waters, rugged mountains, sun-kissed islands and tasty Mediterranean cuisine. The fresh breeze will take you to unpopulated islands, lost in the dream of the Mediterranean of old.

Lonely trails, forgotten ruins, and breathtaking views are routine here. By contrast, coastal cities are brimming with life, proudly displaying architecture and museums dating back to antiquity, whereas the secluded anchorages and the national parks of Kornati and Krk’a await nature lovers.

Sardinia is an Italian island located on the Mediterranean. Its attractions include beautiful, clean beaches, picturesque, rocky coasts and impressive mountain peaks.

Thanks to a large number of sunny days each year, it is called the “evergreen” island. Sardinia offers a very diverse coastline and lovely bays to moor in. Must-see items include the Emerald Coast, megalithic towers built two thousand years B.C., flamingos in a huge nature reserve of Costa Paradiso.